Stonewall, Stonewall/ Red Boy crosses in Europe______________________________Stonewall, Stonewall/ Red Boy crosses in Europe_____________________________
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We do it because cannot be otherwise! (RU , LV)

Brandt’s Kennel has been breeding pit bulls since 1995. Genetic basis of our breeding program is the famous Stonewall P.O.R. (Producer of Record) blood line.  We use inbreeding as the main method of breeding to improve and preserve the best qualities of our dogs and from time to time we use outcross. Our breeding program is based on the best traditions of American and European master-breeders.


Studying the experience of Stonewall breeding lines, we try to follow only the combinations tested in its cultivation. More than 22 years with love and care Brandt’s Kennel is doing breeding work with the American Pit Bull Terrier.  You can be sure of the blood purity and pedigrees authenticity of our dogs. We are very serious about breeding, because, as the legendary American pitman Earl Tudor said, - "It's all in the breeding!"


Brandt’s Kennels dogs are living in many European countries, gaining increasing popularity among Pit Bull lovers. It gives us confidence in our work and the chosen path.

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Stonewall, Stonewall/ Red Boy crosses in Europe

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